~ A group of writers, illustrators, publishers and editors that have come together to network and offer help and services to one another ~ 

General Meetings

ABC is revamping our organization. We will continue to hold meetings, but with ZOOM rather than in person. Instead of approaching bookstores or doing book signings, we'll be using the Internet. Ebooks and audiobooks are the waves of the future, but the future is NOW! ABC has educated our members since 2011, and we will continue through 2020 and beyond.

We have already held two 'ZOOM' meetings. Last Saturday we viewed a workshop with Katharine Sands, the agent from the Sara Jane Freymann Agency in New York. Actually, she was quarantined in Virginia. 

This COVID-19 might just be a God-send for writers. Who would have thought on Jan. 1, 2020 that we would be listening and questioning a NY agent while sitting in our own homes? 

If you're serious about your writing pay attention to these newsletters. The ABC newsletter will grow as members and out-siders add their news items. 

                                            ~Public Is Welcome~          

2018-2020 Officers

  •  President - Brenda M Spalding
  •  Vice President - Nancy Tancey Buscher 
  •  Secretary - Stanley Kuren                           
  •  Treasurer - RJ Coons

Standing Committees

  • A Parkers - Penell 
  • Events -  Brenda M. Spalding
  • Membership - Robert J Coons
  • Newsletter/Historian - Nancy Tancey Buscher
  • Speakers - Nancy Tancey Buscher
  • Website - Jeanelle Havlin

About ABC-Artisans 

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