Josephine Goldman

The Whispering of Snowflakes


Josephine Goldman

Author Josephine Goldman uses actual letters between lovers as the basis for her gentle romance, The Whispering of Snowflakes. While some of her characters stem from her imagination, every line of these letters is drawn from actual messages between her mother and father.

The notes in question pass between Dorothy and Frank after World War II. Frank, who had been the merchant marine, attended the University of Michigan on the GI Bill. He wrote constantly to his sweetheart, Dorothy who was attending a different school in the state.



Josephine Goldman

It's the 1960s and seventeen-year-old Rose falls hard for David, a rebel with a criminal record.  His bad-boy charm soon overwhelms her...resulting in a shocking pregnancy. Unable to take responsibility for his actions, David joins the Marines and disappears.

Rose tries hard to stay on track, but life in Milwaukee projects is touch. Adoption seems like the best choice for both her and her baby--and the hardest decision Rose will ever make.

Now twenty years old, Ann never knew why her birth parents gave her up. Did they care? Was she nothing but an inconvenience? The questions were always there, despite being raised in a loving household by caring adoptive parents.

Meanwhile, Ann's biological mother marries and has two more children. Her deadbeat biological father rises through the military to reach a rank of power and importance.  And a mother and child search for each other--neither knowing what emotions their meeting might ignite.

A stirring and emotional debut novel, Misbegtten explores the struggles, joys, and imperfections of a mother and her daughter over thirty remarkable years.​


     Josephine Goldman was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Raised in a small town, she enjoyed the connections and deep friendships life in the tight-knit community offered and was encouraged to pursue a life of growth and learning.

     After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater with an education degree, Goldman taught young children with disabilities before making the move into school administration.  She became an elementary principal and a director of pupil services after securing her master's degree.

     Adoption has always been close to Goldman's heart, inspiring the perfect backdrop for Misbegotten.  Prior to novel writing, Godman worked on numerous grants and newsletters. She has also been published in a local magazine.

     She enjoys yoga, theater, traveling, and any activity involving her friends and family. She has two grown children, four stepchildren, and resides in Florida with her husband, Mark.

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Many years later, Dorothy meets Marie, who has just started the process of a painful divorce and believes that love and romance are gone from her life forever. Dorothy asks her new friend to help her preserve Frank's love letters and create a memorial to his legacy. As the two women read every page, both come to important conclusions about their own lives. Dorothy is transported back to happy moments in the past, and through her friend's love story, Marie finds hope for her own future.

Goldman invites readers to join Dorothy and Marie on their literary endeavor. Her intriguing work shows the undeniable---and healing---power of love and loyalty.

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