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“Angler’s Guide to Rocky Mountain National Park SECOND EDITION” provides all the information a visiting angler could ever use in a compact, ring bound, waterproof field guide that highlights the fishing opportunities in most of the lakes and streams on the east side of the national park. This guide suggests what lakes to visit, productive areas of specific lakes and streams, what gear to take with you, what flies are consistent producers, and how to present them, all in a concise format. It’s “Like having a Professional Guide in your pocket”™ at an affordable price.

The layout of this book features the most popular lakes for anglers with notations on the length of the hike, a picture of the lake, a custom topographic map highlighted with the best areas to cast from, the type of trout present and current regulations, along with a “tips from your guide” section with specific advice for each lake or stream to help anglers catch quality trout. There are also pages detailing the “fly and bubble” technique for spin fishing, fly fishing techniques, hiking equipment and a section on greenback cutthroat trout recovery.

Les & Kimball Beery

About Angler Pocket Guides

They really are like packing a professional fishing guide in your pocket.

Each of these pocket sized guides details specific spots to help the casual or visiting recreational angler find some great fishing from the east to the west! Even if you don’t fish, the pictures are beautiful and they make a great gift for the anglers you know!

After fishing these areas together for over 50 years and answering endless questions, we published this series of WATERPROOF pocket sized guides with beautiful photographs, maps and illustrations. We show you either high altitude USGS images or topographic maps of our favorite areas to guide you to some excellent fishing. Then we supply tips on the best spots to fish, whether it is a productive beach, bay, pier or a high mountain lake or stream. We show you what kind of fish you will most likely catch, show you exactly how to rig your spinning rod or fly rod and what bait, lure or fly to use. We also give you tips on staying safe in some places you may not be familiar with. As your guides, we want you to have fun, productive and safe days on the water!

About the Angling Authors: Les and Kimball Beery

Les grew up in Orlando, Florida and was practically born with a fishing rod in his hand. Kimball grew up in Boulder, Colorado and began catching trout at a very young age. Their lives together have always included fishing wherever a rainbow or redfish might be found. While fishing Florida’s southwest coast for years and the high lakes and streams of Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado for 50 summers, they answered endless questions about fishing in both these popular destinations. So, why not write a series of books for visiting anglers? These books could answer the same questions that they had encountered for years on the trails and beaches. And, printed on a WATERPROOF material, they could accompany the angler into the real world just like a hired guide. So here they are; WATERPROOF, tear and stain resistant, pocket sized field guides designed to last a lifetime….and they float!

Angler’s Guide to Rocky Mountain National Park [Second Edition]
Angler’s Guide to Shore Fishing Southwest Florida-Longboat Key to Boca Grande
Angler’s Guide to Kayak Fishing Southwest Florida-Sarasota Bay to Charlotte Harbor*

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