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     Carole, born and raised in New Zealand, has been a gifted singer and natural artist from an early age.  Her college studies focused on illustration, lettering, and design. While living in New Zealand and Austraila, she worked as an artist for major advertising agencies and newspapers. She also worked for a chain of fashion shops as their Advertising and Display Manager.

     Since moving to America 14 years ago Carole's Art career has blossomed.  Her artwork has appeared on the cover of magazines and she has had five successful Art Gallery Exhibitions.  She has written and illustrated 3 children's books and a Coloring Book for Grown-ups!


 Creating Art and Music in Rainbow colors!

   'Tails' of American Bronte 

(Namesake of Miss Australian Bronte)

Miss Bronte, the star of this bright colorful book, was a shelter cat adopted by Carole. The beautiful black cat has inspired her to write and illustrate this magical 'tail' of adoption.

__________________________________________________________________________________________   A Percentage of all Carole's books Support Black Cat rescue and helps popularize them for adoption.





     Miss Bronte and her troop of ladybugs and mice, invite readers to open their hearts and champion the cause of homeless animals,  particularly black cats who often have lower odds of adoption due to superstition.


     Lucky Black Cats

   Adult Coloring Book

Grab your pencils, markers and pens and dive into coloring Carole's Creative Cats, Pop Art with Cattitude!  These magical Maneki Neko Lucky Black Cats are sure to delight.  Each Cat wears a Japanese Kanji Good Luck medallion around their neck depicting who they are and what they love,

Color each design as you please and bring these kitties to life.

Carole Stevens Bibisi

Rainbow's Dream and Song                    

Carole's third children's book is a colorful story of life's lessons learned from the Rainbow Family, with each of the seven colors personifying their own character.

Carole wrote the Music and Lyrics to the Rainbow's Song.

"So how do you think Rainbow's are made, and what makes them bright, only to fade? Sunshine through raindrops, again and again, together they work, the Sun and the Rain."

       My Alphabet

In Carole's second book, Miss Bronte continues to star and favor her 'humans' with her amazing talents. She is a cat with 'catitude' enjoying playful adventures while teaching the alphabet  with cleverly rhythm and rhyming sentences to highlight each letter of the alphabet on it's own page.