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Life is A Fork'n Knife: Handling Stress

In this book, we focus on what I call wearing stress. The kind we encounter daily and how we might handle it.  You will read thoughts, ideas, and examples from regular people and how they handle stress.  Simple line drawings are matched with affirmations because we all like visual aids. Reading this book is best done with a glass of wine after a busy day, while stopped in bumper to bumper traffic or during those private times in the tiny room at home or away.

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Nancy Tancey Buscher

Morning at the Beach
When you live in Florida it’s like having summer all year around. Maybe you come to Florida on vacation or to visit. Maybe you live in Florida.

If you are visiting, this book makes a great souvenir. If you live in Florida, you will like reading about all the things you may have seen before.

Either way, you are sure to enjoy reading this book.

Why? Because Cool Kids Read.

AtThe Beach

There is so much to see on a trip to the beach. It is like a treasure hunt. Look for the clues. See what you can find.

Elfwood, The Shiny Silver Steam Engine

At the foot of the Majestic Mountain, between Frogtown and Snail Hollow lies a quiet Village of elves. The puffer is a train that was found many intervals* after the Great Disaster. The old Machinist made it run and taught the young villagers to drive it. But when the old elf died, all knowledge of how to repair it was lost. 

Lucky Dog Diner

Buster and Fancy go to the grand opening of the Lucky Dog Diner in Bowwow Hollow.  Buster is really hungry, but he cannot eat until after the Parade of Stars. Fancy tells him to practice patience, but can he?

Nancy Buscher began writing back in the last millennium, late at night while the family was fast asleep.  She didn't write seriously until 1988, when she sold her business and moved to Charleston, S.C.  She started with greeting card captions, poems and plays for children, but for a while writing advertising paid the bills. 

During that time she became a Writers Guild of America (WGA) Signatory Agent representing screenwriters to the film industry.  The Christmas Cat-Astrophe, a play for children that had won a state competition was produced for Piccolo-Spoleto, Charleston's annual cultural festival. The Raggedy Balloon Man was one of 12 plays selected from across the nation for the first Annual SC Playwright's Conference in Beaufort, SC.  She was nominated three times for the Elizabeth O'Neill Verner Award, South Carolina's prestigious arts award.

She moved to Venice, FL. when her parents passed away.  She returned to college and graduated in 2010, with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art and a minor in Writing. In 2011, she met Brenda Spalding at a book signing and they formed ABC-Artisans of Books for Children and a few months later included adults.  She published Artisans of Books for Children - Fall/Winter 2012 Catalog.  Since then she has published eight books for children to age 10, and recently published ABC-2016 Anthology of Florida Writers and Poets.​

Kaleidoscope of Children's Poems - 2nd

This is the 2nd edition of this sampling of poetic styles for children. It has been used as a teaching tool for K-3 students.

Maybe Crybaby - SOLD OUT

Maybe Crybaby, a rhyming book. Open it up and have a look. Hear him cry, ask yourself why? There is always a reason when babies cry.

Flit Flutter Fly
A collection of works of art for children. The 15 paintings have been exhibited around Florida. The assortment includes a Paper Airplane, Cocktail, Dragon, and various other things that flit, flutter, or fly.

It was suggested that she write short stories to go with each of the paintings. The result is this 3-book series entitled Flit Flutter Fly, more Flit Flutter Fly, and Flit Flutter Fly again.

Wiggly Giggly Girls - SOLD OUT

Girls just want to have fun.  Follow them as they dance, count and move. Wiggly Giggly Girls is a celebration of life.

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Brandon Grows A Vine

A neighbor, with best intentions, gives Brandon a plant. At first, he likes taking care of a growing thing. But he soon discovers that it also comes with responsibilities and some surprises.

Emma's Dilemma

Some children are born worriers, and Emma is one of those children. She worries a lot. What will happen when she cannot find her pajamas and has trouble sleeping?  (Christmas story)