The Series - "Laura and Grandpa--Discovering Science Together".

                        Dr. Robert Krupp

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     Books 1,2,3 have won an Award from Mom's Choice Awards, and Book 3 has also won a Florida Authors and Publishers (FAPA) award.

Picture Story Books by Dr. Robert H Krupp

This book is the first bilingual (English/Spanish) picture story book about science written for young children.

"The Rainbow-El Arco Irs is his first children's picture science book written in Spanish."

Teacher of Physics, Chemistry,Meteorology, Astronomy and Mathematics for 67 years

  2008 recipient of the ERAU WorldWide Teacher of the Year Award.

      Dr. Krupp began his career in 1949 teaching chemistry to high school seniors using a piece of chalk, a blackboard, and a slide rule.  He now uses the internet to teach online courses for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU)

     After acquiring his MS and Ph.D. degrees in Physics, he taught at the college/university level. His teaching and administrative activities include: Classroom teaching in 11 different states of the US: Teaching overseas in Saudi Arabia; Teaching over PBS-TV (90 + lectures); Teaching in 3 penitentiaries in Illinois; Chairperson for 2 Physical Science Departments (1 public/1 private);  President of two colleges (1 public/1 private); Dean of Faculty at a public community college;  Vice-President of Academic Affairs at a private university; Elected member of public elementary school board (Illinois).

     In 2010, at the age of 81, Dr. Krupp began writing and publishing picture story books about science for young children.  

One series, written for the 5-8-year-old, consists of 4 books.  A second series, written for the 8-13-year-old juvenile, consists of Book 1. Book 2 is set for publication by the end of 2016

His mission, in the later years of his life, has only two goals:.

  • To improve and enhance the scientific vocabulary of young children.
  • To encourage young girls to consider and pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine.