The Plot Thickens

Vol 3 in the Gracie Series

The instigator? Why it's none other than Gracie, that jaunty, Kind-hearted, intrepid dwarf Kangaroo from the thirty-sixty universe.

What begins innocently enough as a dream vacation for the 'roo and her steadfast feline companion Gibson, soon turns into a richly imagined romp that takes us from the enchanting streets of St. Petersburg, to the glamor of a Van Cliburn piano recital to the creepy corridors of a harsh "rehabilitation center."

Along the way you'll discover a Khrushchev as you never imagined, as well as ride along with Van Cliburn as he takes a midnight train journey into the heart of Russia.  It's all here. Candy-colored palaces, rousing music, a host of colorful characters (human and otherwise), treachery and ultimately, thanks to Gracie's determined efforts, justice in a city where beauty and hanky-panky are never far apart.  

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     Combing childhood innocence with historical verisimilitude and a dash of magical fantasy--that was the impulse behind the start of Linda's writing career.  A travelog about the city, St. Petersburg, Russia inspired her to write her first fantasy-adventure.
     Linda wanted to bring appreciation to American children and their parents for the magical Russian city known for its culture, architecture, tree-lined parks, and its bridges by the hundreds.  This thought led her to a second book, The Palace Buzz, a wacky romp coated in outrageously true history, and her third book, The Plot Thickens that takes place in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1958.
     Linda's books are written to inspire children's curiosity for history, current events and the love of reading.  Her long-range goal is to expand the imaginations of children while simultaneously exposing them to a variety of cultures and histories.
     The daughter of an Ohio dairy farmer and an elementary school teacher, since 1990 Linda has lived in Venice, Florida with her husband, Tom. They have been married since 1968, and have one son.


Vol. 1 in the Gracie Series

The unlikely pair becomes fast friends.  While Gracie tries to find her way back home, Gibson carves a life for himself on a farm with his newly adopted mistress, the farmer's young daughter. There's one hitch: The overworked farmer demands that Gibson earns his keep.  Gibson's task is thwarted somewhat when he experiences strange visions.  But are these visions the result of a thrashing he received from the farmer's two dogs? Or, maybe Gibson sees parallel universes

 As outsiders, the little kangaroo and the cat from the city negotiate the perils of farm life. They meet two malicious rats who hate anyone who is happy.  The two devoted friends must contend with stampeding cows and a barnyard of critters that have little use for newcomers.

Will Gibson keep his sanity and become the little girl's pet? Will Gracie ever see the splendor of the Russian Versailles? Will the farmer survive the evil machinations of the rats, Bratwold and Eastman? Drift back to the days of Barbie dolls, hula hoops, and Sputnik to find out. 

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Linda Schell signing and selling her books

Come Along With Me will transport eight-to twelve-year old children, their parents, and their grandparents to another world when they read Come Along With Me, an adventure about friendship and caring, the unfortunate consequences of jealousy, and the power of hope.Meet Gracie, a ditzy dwarf kangaroo from the thirty-sixth universe--a creature who lives in a perfect realm. Because she is bored, Gracie longs for an adventure to St. Petersburg, Russia, a place she imagines is filled with beauty and enchantment. Much to the tiny ‘roo’s surprise, her ability to transport herself to the land of the czars has failed. She ends up at a dairy farm in St. Clair, Pennsylvania, where she saves the life of Gibson, an abandoned Maine coon cat.

Linda Lee Schell

An interview with Linda Schell




Vol 2 in the Gracie Series

Expectations and reality quickly collide.  What she expected to find was a city of wintery white nights, a city dotted with a hundred islands linked by dozens of imposing bridges, all book-ended by majestic sculptures cast in bronze.

She expected to feast her eyes on historic buildings splashed with pinks, yellows, and blue pastels. Instead, she finds herself back in the 18th century, in Russia's Imperial Golden Age.  "This is not the city I expected," she laments as she stands bewildered near the entrance to the city's center of activity, the perpetually busy post office.

Then, when Empress Catherine arrives in her royal carriage and points a bejeweled finger at the ever-so-handsome Gibson, and declares: I want that cat...the fun begins.

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Gracie, a dwarf kangaroo from the thirty-sixth universe, is skipping across the cosmos to her dream destination: St. Petersburg, Russia. She's traveling with Gibson, a Maine Coon cat whose life she saved when he was unceremoniously dumped in front of a Pennsylvania corn field.

Key West, Florida
There’s trouble in paradise.

When a scurrying horde of giant Gambian rats threaten to bring chaos to the easy living, fun-loving Conch nation, who will step forward to save the day?

A Key West Story


 A lightening-zapped veterinarian now trying his hand as a street-fair fortune teller?
· A Scottish monk whose ambition is to rehab the rats, and ship them off to South America where
  they can selflessly serve humanity by sniffing out landmines and disease?
· A pampered runaway Hemingway house cat who teams up with an aspirational Gambian rodent 
  seeking a greater purpose?
· A floundering young man from the wintery north fleeing his past, and hoping to find a future?

And what’s the weapon of choice in this battle against ecological disaster?
· Poison? Swords? Heavy artillery?

Nope. Try bagpipe music. Who but our unlikely heroes and Scottish gypsies would know that the keening, mournful sound of the pipes is banana pudding to the sensitive souls of ratties?

It’s all here in sunny Key West—colorful characters, both human and animal, coming together in a versatile conga line of off-beat adventure and personal discovery.Type your paragraph here.


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St Petersburg, Russia 1958
Nikita Khrushchev, head of the mighty Soviet Union, has a problem.  Actually, he has more problems than he can count: rampant bureaucratic inefficiency, low corn production, ingrained police corruption, a slippery KGB chief - and now this: A riotous, file shredding insurrection of rodents at the infamous Kresty prison.