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A midwifery pioneer in Illinois, Mary Bradish began her path in nurse-midwifery after working as an obstetrics nurse for twenty-five years. First as an OB nurse and then as a nurse midwife, she supported and encouraged women and families to safely pursue the birth they desired. She brought Lamaze classes and gentle Leboyer births to central Illinois as she helped thousands of women become mothers. She was a strong advocate of breastfeeding at a time when there were many obstacles. This is her story, on that spans time over seven decades, and one that spans geography from the Illinois cornfields to the hills of Kentucky, to the Arizona desert, and to her adventures abroad. It is a story that details personal struggles and politics, from being welcomed as a nurse- midwife with open arms, to be served a cease and desist order. The reader will find jewels in Mary's remarkable memoir. This book will surely serve as a resource for expectant parents and an inspiration to all.