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‚Äč Penell Braida Skinner


"Everywhere we go mystery lives under the surface

It is our opportunity to peel back the surface,

See ourselves in another context...

...All this, while enjoying the glory presented."


Penell Braida Skinner, dba as Penelle, traveled Europe first as a student at the Sorbonne University in Paris. Later she worked in New York City, London, and Seattle. Over her several careers in education, business, and tourism she visited places we all dream to see. She has led groups to explore some of the world's unique places and loves to share their beauty with the reader while delving into the mystique they present.  She is also fond of peppering her novels with intrigue to spice the reader's journey.

     In addition to her novels, Penelle has written a short play, news essays and numerous travel commentaries and five recorded travelogues.  A compilation of her short stories is underway as well as a fourth novel.

Lana Victoria Bell Book Series

Adventure-Suspense Series

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 -  "With an eye for the specific beauty of places, their poetic nature, national culture, and meaningful friendships, all three novels are born of the author's work under the auspices of President Eisenhower's People-to-People programs. In Traveling to Death, we traverse the gorgeous landscape of Canada. In Passage to Cuba, we share Penelle's fond remembrance of the people, their indomitable spirit and the complexities of today's Cuban life."