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"Also, the world around me has been my inspiration, seasons of the year, colors at sunset, the wonder of my grandson seeing a fly for the first time and trying to catch it. He's older now, but it still takes little to stimulate my imagination. A word or a phrase can set my mind to work on a new story."

Along with her Hayden series and other children's books, Brenda has broadened into writing adult novels.

She is co-founder and current president of ABC Books 4 children & Adults, Inc.  She is a past president of the Sarasota branch of the National League of American Pen Women. She a member of the Sarasota Authors Connection, Gulf Coast Sisters in Crime and the Florida Authors and Publishers Association. A publishing and marketing consultant, she enjoys helping new authors learn the business of being a writer and an author.

Many of her books are now available as audio books            

Blood Orange

Cocaine and the problems it brings are coming to rural Florida. It falls to Sheriff Gabe McAllister to find a way to stop the drugs from entering his county.
A brave young woman, Nora Hollister, stands by his side in this fight to stop the Medline Cartel lead by Pablo Escobar. Together they try to protect their way of life and of those who work the groves. The DEA sends in their agents to help with a war on drugs and the dangerous Cartel that is moving in.
In 1986 the Florida Orange groves are the drop zones for tons of illegal drugs. Anyone that stands in their way is killed. Nora’s neighbor becomes a causality and she is determined to make them pay.

The Green Lady Inn Series

Where's Teddy

By Brenda M. Spalding - Illustrated by Jacqueline Paske Gill

     Where could Teddy be? Alice has lost her bedtime friend.  She has to try and remember all the places she has been, in order to find her beloved bear.

Novels by Spalding​

Hayden's Garden 

ByBrenda M. SpaldingIllustrated by Jacqueline Paske Gill

     Hayden wants to grow vegetables, but things don't go quite as planned. However, with the help of his family and a local farm stand, Hayden gets his garden and learns a valuable lesson in how commerce works.

Just Batty,

By Brenda M. Spalding - Illustrated by Jacqueline PaskeGill

     A wonderful story about bats and a caring young boy that wants to help them. Together with his family, they build a bat box on the family farm.

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Book Trailers

Broken Branches

Author and publisher, Brenda Spalding, was brought up in Newton, Massachusetts and now lives in Bradenton, Florida. She is an active member of the community and worked for a time on staff at Art Center Sarasota. Her inspiration for her Hayden Picture Book Series is her grandson Hayden.

Bottle Alley                      

It's 1938; the carnival is in town, and a hurricane is on the way. Cultures clash when Michael Flannigan falls for Dania, a beautiful Russian Fortune teller. Johnny Russo is found dead in Silver Lake, and the police suspect someone from the carnival is involved.  Can the killer outrun both the police and mother nature?

Hayden and Fred

By Brenda M Spalding - Illustrated by Jacqueline Paske Gil

Hayden is given a caterpillar in school. His project is to take care of it and watch what happens. Grandma helps Hayden find out what his caterpillar likes to eat and the plan a flower garden to help other butterflies. a great first read in learning how caterpillars change into butterflies with websites for more opportunities to learn about these creatures.

Hayden's Halloween

By Brenda M. Spalding - Illustrated by Jacqueline PaskeGill

     Join Hayden and his family on the farm for their annual Halloween party. Friends come dressed in costumes to enjoy the haunted house and are treated to a surprise visit by some fascinating creatures of the night.

Princess Annie and the Unicorn 

By Brenda M. Spalding - Illustrated by Jacqueline Paske Gill

     When Princess Annie's wish for a unicorn came true, the Royal household was upset! "Who is causing the trouble?" Annie knows. Her unicorn destroyed the royal roses, ate the cooks cherry pies and muddied the laundry. Annie wanted a unicorn of her very own but learns that not every wish should come true.


"Children are the keepers of our future."

Hayden and the Honey Farm                                                           

By Brenda M. Spalding - Illustrated by Jacqueline Paske Gill

     Grandma needs honey for cookies, so Hayden visits a neighbor who has a honey farm. He learns how Mr. Albright gets the honey from the hives, he is inspired to explore the life of bees and learns why they are necessary for our ecology.

​​Children's ​Books

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Honey Tree Farm                                                          ​

Megan and Josh, are on a two-week vacation in Florida from Atlanta. Coming back from a day trip exploring the antique shops in Arcadia, a cow on the road puts them in a ditch on a rural back road. A miscommunication over cell phones has them stranded. They find their way to a farmhouse and an old woman takes them in until help can arrive. Mrs. Sullivan tells the story of how she came to live at Honey Tree Farm. She recounts meeting Jesse, the love of her life, and how a jealous bully tried to destroy their life together. Megan and Josh discover that love is precious and can last forever.

Published by Heritage Publishing, US