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Like the song, Allyx Young, was born in Saginaw, Michigan, and grew up on a farm. Family values, hard work, patriotism, and travel formed her life as a child and teen.

 After getting a teaching degree in art education, teaching, proofreading, showing and photographing horses, having kids, suffering from a divorce, changing ay career path, and trying to figure out the meaning of life, she took a writing class. Without any grandiose idea of being the next Erma Bombeck, she set a low publishing standard for herself and succeeded. A couple of articles made it into trade magazines, and horse photos with articles were published in horse magazines, but that was the short-lived writing career challenge years ago.

 Truly, to be successful, a writer has to write every day. Finally, after 26 years of being stashed in a file folder, her children’s book, Wild Morning Hair, will be published. Perfection doesn’t exist so she is living the best version of herself as a self-made happionaire enjoying a warm climate and writing more. Caring for her elderly mother brought her to the Suncoast, and she made life changes to adapt to including the creativity that got lost previously. Her next literary attempt is collaboration with a musician and songwriting.